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Re: Additional JamMan memory upgrades $65

FYI - I spoke with someone at VisionSoft in Carmel California about chips
for the memory upgrade.  Each chip is $4.95 each plus $7 in shipping per
You need four of them so the total would be only about $27.00.  The price
difference is a little strange (??)  But the guy was familiar with the
JamMan...So people wanting memory upgrades might want to call them at (800)

> From: Len Seligman <seligman@mitre.org>
> To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Subject: Additional JamMan memory upgrades $65
> Date: Friday, August 15, 1997 11:51 AM
> No one should have to suffer with only 8 seconds of loop time anymore!
> Since a few people responded, I decided to go ahead and buy some more. I
> should receive them late next week. So, if anybody else wants JamMan
> memory, please let me know and send along your surface mail address.
> (Please respond directly to me at seligman@mitre.org and not to the whole
> Loopers-Delight list. Thanks.)
> For those wanting technical details, these come in sets of four 1M x 4
> Motorola ZIP ICs, part number MCM54400AZ (70 nanoseconds). 
> Happy looping,
> Len Seligman
> >>I have an extra set of Motorola memory ICs for the JamMan which upgrade
> >>from 8 to 32 seconds of looping. I installed a set without any problem,
> >>following the instructions in the JamMan manual.
> >>
> >>Lexicon charges around $175 a set, but I found these at a chip
> >>the only hitch was I had to buy a bunch of chips.
> >>
> >>I only have one set left, however, if multiple people respond and are
> >>interested, I could make another buy.
> >>
> >>Please respond directly to me and not to the whole list.
> >>
> >>Len Seligman
> >
> >