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Re: new instruments

>Matthias, sounds really neat.  But where in the hell did you buy such a
>nifty clay pot (just any pot wouldn't do).

Here in Brazil you can get them at any market place, because thats how
people keep water cool. They look nice, with a painted patern.
The size is not very critical, the bigger the bassyer. The top whole should
be small enough to be able to close it with the palm.
The whole in the side you have to drill yourself unless you find a pot
especially made for percussion, which is much more expensive and not
necessarily better (I would not want one).

Bira would certainly like to sell a number of them to US. Maybe you know of
some stores that would like to carry them?

There must be a lot of "alternative" clay manufacturing in US, maybe you
find one that is actually happy to create something that interesting...

Right, Sarajane?

Just do it