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Eventide Harmonizer

So, I'm poking around in a pawn shop the other day and see a two-space rack
unit with no model #, just "Eventide Harmonizer" on the front.  Looking at
the controls, it appears to have harmonizing, delay, flange and possibly
looping capabilities.  It was in a stack behind the counter, so I didn't 
to see what sort of controls it had on the back.  They were asking $695 for

Since the guy there didn't seem to be too keen on dragging it out and 
it up unless I was flashing a wad of cash I didn't get to listen to it
myself.  So, I'm wondering:  Is anyone familiar with this piece of gear?  
so, what are some of it's capabilities?  I've always understood Eventide to
be a front-runner in the high-end harmonizer business, but is this thing
possibly sub-standard compared to current standards?  What might some of 
delay and/or looping functions be?  Is it potentially worth $695 if it's