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Re: Eventide Harmonizer

>So, I'm poking around in a pawn shop the other day and see a two-space 
>unit with no model #, just "Eventide Harmonizer" on the front.  Looking at
>the controls, it appears to have harmonizing, delay, flange and possibly
>looping capabilities.  It was in a stack behind the counter, so I didn't 
>to see what sort of controls it had on the back.  They were asking $695 

Perhaps the model you refer to is the H-910.  It is an older unit, analog,
I suppose.  I picked one up in a used gear shop in Spokane, WA for $150 a
couple years ago.  I really like, although it is not for looping.  In case
this is the unit  you are talking about, here's the scoop:

It's got 1 input, 2 outputs (all-balanced, with screw-terminals, rather
than jacks).  For each output, you can select one (or more) of 4 delay
times: 7.5, 15, 30, and 60 ms.  (So, unless you are planning to use 60 ms
loops, this is not for looping).   The pitch of each successive delay can
be adjusted using one of 4 modes:
1. Manual control.  Here you set the pitch ratio.  A ratio of 1.0 will act
just like a delay. Pitch > 1 will cause the pitch to increase.... < 1
causes it to decrease.  The pitch range is 0.5 to 2.0.
2. Anti-feedback control.  Not exactly sure how this works, but I think the
pitch is proportional to the strength of the input signal.  (anybody have
more info about this??)
3. Keyboard input
4. CV input

There is also a input level and feedback control.

I find that this unit is especially good for real-time performance on
percussive sounds.  Tweaking the feedback and manual controls real-time
creates some real mind-bending sounds.  I like getting a druim rhythm
playing into it, then tweak the knobs, like it was instrument itself.   I
don't use it for much else.  It certainly isn't worth $700 to me, although
I;ve seen them go for $500.