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Re: hearing, gender, new info...

  Very interesting post, thank you.  You touched on something that my
roommate and I were talking about in regards to this topic.  Though there
may by be differences in sensitivity or processing of incomming audio, we
still have the ability to choose what we want to listen to.  So I think
both are important.  I certainly don't think looping is a gender based
activity.  I think that some kinds of repetition are plainly annoying, but
I would think they'd be just as annoying to a man as well.  This is all
very interesting stuff, there are many exeptions to things and more things
to learn and experience, it makes life more interesting and perfect.  



At 12:00 PM 3/14/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I think your the gender hearing issue is an interesting point and I think
>probably one step might be to contextualize it a bit more, not to say you
>haven't already?
>It could probably be said that in the business environment of today men
>tend to compete in a narrow let's get this done way.  That is not to
>include all industries but with respect to an office, results oriented
>career, I would suggest it is.  
>I think that this is a positive issue for women because they will be able
>to think differently about how to solve things.
>This is quite an extension from hearing, but I think it has to be with
>being less fact-comparison these are statisitces based living, following
>the Norman Rockwell family where women were mainly housewives, men begin
>increasingly to work info-based work, not to say women weren't working
>outside the home!  ...Now, a greater number of women than men are going to
>I think the idea of sound sensitivity due to a baby's cry, that
>conditioning is very important too in a women's sensitivity ability.
>Further having the sound dynamics at high frequencies being off in cheaper
>It seems that to put both abilities together, on the one side to hear most
>everything, and the other to be able to focus on just one thing are very
>important, rational vs intuitive processes.
>I also think that while women do already have an inborn noise ability, 
>also can be driven to focus, and men the opposite.  Being male, I have
>learned to listen to sound and determine what amp works, what speakers are
>best grounded, etc.  not only that but what music I choose to work with as
>a DJ.
>I hope I have added to the discussion some interesting points, and would
>like to add some about looping.  Is looping a gender issue, would the
>reptition and effects off it preclude one or another species more, or 
> Maybe it's just a question of access still? Maybe men should have women
>make decisions on their sound units?