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Re: hearing, gender, new info...

  Thanks Laurie, great reply, very interesting and thought provoking as
usual.  If you get the transcripts, please let me know as I'd be interested
in getting a copy myself to look over again.  talk with ya soon...  (-:



>       Corynne wrote:
>>  This might be of more concern to Laurie, (as she was asking about more
>>info about hearing and gender) Sarahjane and Kim but I remebered some 
>>information I learned about possible differences in hearing between the
>>genders.  There was a special edition of 20/20 a few months back which 
>>strictly devoted to the discussion of cerebral differences between 
>Thanks Corynne!  Very interesting, and kind of funny too - not having seen
>program, I was reminded of the classic sitcom scene of a hapless husband 
>oblivious to his frustrated wife, with countless satirical variations that
>flattering to neither ;-).  The question of which perceptual behaviors 
>culturally/environmentally learned as opposed to being physiological in
>is extremely complex.  (The old conundrum "which comes first, the chicken 
>the egg" comes to mind, not to mention the tangled circular web of 
>physiological changes *triggered* by certain behaviors.)  Anyway, I
emailed ABC 
>to see if the transcript and references could be gotten.
>>to one story and not the other one.  The conclusions of the researchers
>>were that women's attentions will be drawn back and forth between the two
>>stories and get bits and pieces of each and have an almost impossible 
>>staying on one story while the other one is also going which is exactly
>>what happened to me.  I've had this before also and it's really annoying
>>sometimes but it's good if your trying to listen to more than one person 
>>a time.  Supposedly, men can tune out one story much more easily and 
>>to it only, they seem to have trouble listening to more than one thing 
>at a
>I wonder if this occurs primarily with speech, or if any of these 
>differences are also evident in how males and females perceive music -- 
>multiple layers, counterpoint, melody, etc.?
>More sophisticated, aware listening, as musicians generally experience it,
is a 
>skill that can be developed with training and practice.  It seems that 
>people would not necessarily populate the statistical norm that is being 
>discussed here.
>My sweetie, who was a fighter pilot, just told me an interesting and 
>related story about airline pilot training.  (This was a while back, when
>were extremely few, if any, women in either the cockpit or control tower.)
>problem was alerting the pilot, whose attention was already considerably 
>divided due to a flight emergency, to extremely important warnings.  
>landing, one of the most critical signals is to lower the @#$%^&* landing 
>wheels!  They found out the hard way that big blinking red warning lights
>often ineffective.  They added a unique, loud, and persistent beep.  Some 
>pilots *still* didn't notice, and would land gear up.  A blaring horn
blast was 
>tried, but occasionally missed, the consequences of which tended to make 
>passengers rather unhappy.  Then somebody had an inspiration... get this:
>most effective warning device, amidst the general cockpit hubbub, was a
>voice calmly telling the guy to get his gear down! (No comments from the
>gallery.)  I wonder if it is still as effective nowadays, since women's
>are much more common in that environment?  Also, what works best with 
>pilots? ...Hey, I bet they don't even *need* to be warned, they're already
>top of it!  ~#:-))))
>Anyway, I can hear it now.  Music For Landing Very Large Aircraft...
>Gee, the "my girlfriend's taste in music" thread has gone through a few 
>permutations!  (BTW, what does this list usually talk about?  Something
>loops?  Trying to remember...)
>and smiles to you, too, Corynne --