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RE: Ambient effects -- something wild and crazy, please!

At 09:36 12.08.97 -0400, David Kirkdorrfer wrote:
>I don't need the standards: chorus, flange, delay, pitch-shift.  I'm
>looking for DRASTIC effects rendering a guitar very UN-guitar-like.  I
>have a Vortex already -- now I quest for something more wild.  

This guy just made me aware of a new effect called a pixellator from DOD.
For some reason I don't like this company, but the effect was described as
creating "wild sonic landscapes this side of delirum" or something along 
lines of that, so I might check it out anyway. I think it is packaged with 
bunch of the standard effects though....I really don't need another 50 
of digital distortion, if you know what i mean? Does anyone else have any
more information on this? 

Erik Ljones (Norway)