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Re: Can somebody check some sounds?

The Man Himself wrote:
> Hello all --
> I'm looking for a few people to test some sound files I'm attempting to
> upload onto my web site.  What I need are people who can download files
> in AU format.
> The files are at http://shoko.calarts.edu/~altruist/sounds.html
> Each file contains much loopage, and is in the 1000K neighborhood.
> If there are any problems or anomalies, please mail me and let me know.
> Thanks very much for your help.


#1 worked fine for me with MSIE 3.01/W95, and I like it, too.  Thanks
for sharing. :-)

This is a gentle nudge for the rest of you with Web sites-- please put
some of your music on them?  I've visited just about every site listed
in the World Wide Directory of Loop Artists, and downloaded at least
some music from every site that offers it.  I can't promise I'll like
it, but I do promise to listen...


http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock (Troubador Tech)