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Re: Drifting

One particular slightly aged stadium rock star wanted to know if we could
set up a pedal to control the amount that stereo unsynced loops went out of
phase! Do you see why this is so hard? 

Anyway, you can probably retain your clock drifting experiences on the
upgrade by leaving the brothersync cable out and setting the sync to "off"
like you have it now. That way, the stereo units will start and stop the
loop record at the same time by the midi command, but will have no other
points of reference to each other. So they will naturally drift apart. 

...and no I'm not going to make a pedal to control it. But for those
interested in loop abuse, try this: Play a loop from a sequencer with midi
clock out. (percussion is particularly fun, .) Run this loop into the
echoplex, and record a loop of it, synced to the midi clock. You now have
the original loop and the echoplex loop running next to each other, which 
probably not something you would normally do. Because the timing 
of the sequencer, the plex, and midi clock are not infinitely accurate, the
phase relationship between the audio waveforms of the two will be slightly
different each time through the loop. So the sound changes each time! Vary
the mix between the two to change the amount of the effect. We've spent
quite a bit of time trying to figure out ways to improve upon this 
and make it go away, but at the same time I think it sounds pretty cool. 
another way to breath new life into that old drum machine.....


At 08:59 PM 8/27/97 -0400, verner@infinitesound.com wrote:
>Kim has mentioned that the Plex upgrade improves a stereo configuration -
>keeps the 2 Plexs locked together better.
>However, you for "ambient" folks that have 2 Plexs (and haven't upgraded),
>try this - record a nice thick abstract loop and let it do its thing for
>1/2 an hour or so.
>The drifting is incredibly beautiful! It actually makes the loop come
>alive, breathe and evolve all by itself. Check it out.
>I'm going to miss this when I get the upgrade.
>J. Arif Verner
>Infinite Sound Studio
>Ithaca, New York
>"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is
>                              -Aldous Huxley 
Kim Flint                      408-752-9284
Mpact System Engineering       kflint@chromatic.com
Chromatic Research             http://www.chromatic.com