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hi loopers,
after being off of the list for quite sometime i suddenly received a 
what a mystery-ry-ry-ry

so, since you all rang maybe i can ask some advice?

1) i'm looking for a vox AC head to go with my 61 2x10 cabinet. actually, 
i wouldn't mind any sweet vox's. sweet is the key word cuz there are some 
that speak and some that flub. any leads?

2) i've tried out a copla line6 axsys 212 amps (dallas, austin, new york) 
and have decided they all sound like a multieffects with speakers.
but, on the opposite side, it's a 50 pound box that can do a festival gig 
and count as a single piece of luggage on the plane.
anyone have any comments? suggestions? 
any used ones out there? they are cheap enough, but resale will be poor 
more than likely.

you folk will have to email me privately as I don't know what the status 
of my membership on the loop is and how i got this digest

collier hyams