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Re: looping images

I had to put my two senses in while this was still a fresh topic, since I
didn't entirely know what people meant by 'looping video'... This could
have been live-improv-60s-style-light-show with state-of-the-art updates,
for all I knew.

Here's one for you all, and I don't know if it's currently an option, but
it's what I used to do in the days when we were all 66MHz or less. 
Attached to the PC VGA out, a Y-connect leading to the monitor, and a video
converter, then to the input of a VCR or TV; running on the PC could be a
variety of programs that generate or animate existing graphics.  Our
favorite was FRACTINT, which generates fractals AND color-cycles them in a
manner you can define.  It's a great program, but when PCs got faster, the
cycling became intolerable to look at, for its speed.  Images all the way
from simple Mandelbrot to Plasma fractals are possible with this package;
but the speed algorithm makes it all wrong to run on anything faster than

Another package, more up-to-date, is called Kaleidoscope 95, by Syntrillium
(http://www.syntrillium.com).  This little gem is a screen saver, but is
Audio Sensitive, so it generates its Spirograph-like patterns (all
configurable, by the way) in response to specific frequencies or frequency
changes.  Alas, my PC2TV converter died last year.

Stephen Goodman           * http://www.earthlight.net/Studios
EarthLight Productions     * Get the Loop Of The Week Free!