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The Generation Project (fwd)

This came out of nowhere into my mailbox.  I guess this might have
been intended for Loopers' Delight.

Paolo Valladolid
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>From duo@pt.tizeta.it Thu Aug 28 13:26 PDT 1997
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From: DUO <duo@pt.tizeta.it>
Subject: The Generation Project
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The Generation Project

By D.U.O. - Digital Unit Operated

The starting idea for The Generation Project was to produce images and
sounds using generative software exclusively. Our preferences has gone to
Vista Pro 4.0, a three-dimensional landscape simulation program, Organic
Art, a powerful framework for designing 3D living sculptures, Cybertation,
a 3D DNA electronic simulator and Shade Dancer, a fascinating and
stimulating screensaver for Win 95. Then we have developed a series of
themes about the images, as if they were pictures drawn from a number of
National Geographic of the future. The images generated from the different
programs was then select, joined and retouched using Adobe Photoshop, which
in turn has a generative role with its plug-ins filters. Subsequently with
Koan X Platinum, a great generating music device, we have created musical
pieces in relation to the images. The result has been a synergy between
sounds and images very evocative, that we hope appreciates.

The Generation Project can be accessed from