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More Gear Talk: Korg DL8000R

Came across this one in my travels - haven't seen any mention of it on this
list. Full details are at  http://www.korg.com/dl8000r.htm but here are 

1U rack true stereo looper - up to 5 sec per channel (not enough!)
4 taps per channel - taps can be panned, effected, LFOed, etc.
set of standard effects - eq, chorus, flange etc.
huge display - electroluminescent
sync to internal clock, tap button, MIDI clock, external trigger (e.g. 
pad, footswitch)
DSP functions - for effect and to avoid glitches
control pedal input, full MIDI spec.
"warp" control - bend the loop (must be inspired by what Fripp does with 
Eventide H3000 parameter knob)
128 presets

Looks quite impressive - I'll start looking here in the UK. Only drawback 
to be delay time - 5 secs per channel isn't cricket!

Brian Thomson, London UK
Real Address: bnt@ibm.net