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E.W. Bridge recorder thingy

This fellow sent this product description to me. He thought it was
interesting, maybe you will too:

>>From kflint  Thu Aug 28 07:48:45 1997
>From: "Lambert, Georges" <Lambert.Georges@fin.gc.ca>
>To: "'kflint@annihilist.com'" <kflint@annihilist.com>
>Subject: Check this out...
>Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 10:46:23 -0400
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>MIME-Version: 1.0
>This new gizmo does loops with its repeat function, cheap and
>It might be interesting to post that in the list, but I don't know how.
>Long time, low price, that is interesting, I need only looping for
>guitar practice,
>Record chords and solo over the change, that might be the one I was
>looking for, better than tape.
>It comes from
>Hope this is useful for the list people, did anyone tried it, according
>to your knowledge?
>Georges Lambert
>New Pocket-Sized Digital Audio Recorder
>E.W. Bridge
>New Pocket-sized Digital Recording and Replay Tool for Musicians
>Redwood City, CA July 23, 1997 Today E.W. Bridge LLC introduced the
>world's first truly pocket-sized digital recorder and player for
>musicians. Being only 3/8 inch thick, and 4 inches long and 2 1/4 inches
>wide, Musician's Pocket Memo goes anywhere comfortably on one's person.
>It is designed for common needs voiced by most musicians. While
>on-the-go they can capture melodies, lyrics, and riffs, including live
>music, for easy reference and improvement later. They also can replay
>their recordings wherever they happen to be.
>Musician's Pocket Memo's digital sound quality is the first in the world
>to be sufficiently clear for musicians while maintaining pocket size and
>widespread affordability. It features an advanced mono sound synthesis
>chipset, high-sensitivity small microphone, and high output small
>speaker. Its unique sound clarity results from these high quality
>components together with finely tuned integration circuitry. The result
>is noticeably better sound than most portable cassette recorders.
>Operation is through a fully labeled and intuitive 7-button membrane
>keypad. Since recording is digital on non-volatile flash memory, each
>recording is stored separately and easily found. Each can be
>individually deleted which consolidates remaining recording capacity.
>Recordings do not risk malfunction or mechanical damage which can occur
>with tape cassettes. Stereo input and output 3.5 mm jacks allow
>connection to other essentials. Musician's Pocket Memo connects to
>headphones , external mikes and speakers, studio equipment, PCs, and
>directly or through mixers to electronic instruments. For example,
>electric guitars need only a simple $2 mechanical jack adapter.
>Electronic keyboards and other high power equipment can connect through
>a mixer.
>Says Clay Bullwinkel, President of E.W. Bridge, "We have made and sold
>tens of thousands of general-purpose high-capacity digital sound
>recorders worldwide since 1995. Customers have always told us that we
>are in a class by ourselves regarding sound quality for this kind of
>pocket-sized digital device. Just last year we began to hear repeatedly
>from musicians who were using them. The musicians not only underscored
>the sound quality again, they told us we were crazy not to be marketing
>it to the music community. They helped us figure out that adding input
>and output jacks, plus some fine-tuning of the sound circuitry, would
>help. And there you have it. For musicians we maintain our same
>responsive and supportive approach as always. Plus a very active
>research and development program with over 30 engineers."
>E.W. Bridge LLC will begin by mid-August to make Musician's Pocket Memo
>available through music retailers and catalogs across the U.S. You can
>place your orders by calling 888-248-3628 (toll free), (415) 361-4916,
>fax to (415) 261-2172, www.ewbridge.com, or via email to
>Features and Prices
>Physical characteristics
>*True pocket size: 3/8 " x 2 1/4" x 4" / (9.5 x 56 x 101 mm) - rests
>comfortably in pockets, purses, etc. *Weight: 2.4 ounces (68g)
>*Intuitive and quickly referenceable 7-button plastic membrane keypad
>*Integrated advanced sound synthesis chipset, high-sensitivity
>microphone, high output speaker *2 or 4 MB (megabytes) flash memory -
>recordings secure when power low or is absent
>Functional characteristics
>*Distinctly crisper and stronger mono sound - (approx. 8kHz - better
>than most cassette recorders) *9.5 to 19.1 minutes in music mode (short
>play), 25 to 50 minutes in speech mode (long play) *Quick scanning from
>recording to recording or within recordings to find key sound *Deletion
>of individual (or all) recordings, consolidates all remaining ones
>*Volume control for privacy and power savings *Stereo input and output
>jacks - 1/8" (3.5 mm) *Use with PC requires PC sound card and speakers.
>Transfer done via analog playback into sound card jack *Both LED and
>sounds confirm successful completion of functions and battery status
>*Rugged, impact-resistant metal casing and surface mount construction
>*Keypad security prevents unauthorized replay
>*Attractive four-color glossy gift box: 5 1/4" x 6" x 1", 6 ounces (127
>x 165 x 25 mm, 170 g) *Handsome smooth leather case, quick reference
>decal, and user's guide *4 replaceable batteries (Duracell PX625A or
>Varta V625U available as replacements) *3.5 mm connector cables not
>included *30-day satisfaction guarantee - within 30 days return fully
>intact and with minimal use for full refund *Standard limited warranty
>Standard ModelsSuggested Retail List PricesSPE25A-2J-EW (9.5minutes
>short play, 25 minutes long play, 2 MB -megabytes- flash
>memory)$119.95SPE50A-2J-EW (19.1 min., 50 min., 4 MB)$239.95
>Product announcement posted by Harmony Central¨

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