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Re[2]: Electro-Harmonix Delay 16

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Assunto: Re: Electro-Harmonix Delay 16
Autor:  Dave Stagner <dstagner@icarus.net> na internet
Data:    27/10/1997 10:14

     The JamMan doesn't TOUCH the EH16 interface!  Listen to Roger 
     "Maximum Electric Piano" work, which is the best use of the EH16 I've 
     I also suggest Eno's On Land as a good example; if you are familiar 
     with the EH16 it's easy to identify when he uses it.
     My EH16 was purchase in the early 80's by a friend in NYC directly 
     from Mike Matthews who sad that Eno payed US 1,000.00 for a working 
     I realy love my EH16 (and many other EH devices) and I know it very 
     well, so fell free to make as many questions as you like.