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Re: Re[2]: Electro-Harmonix Delay 16

I think that would be a GREAT idea!
Also, I wanted to thank all of those that responded to my post re. info 
on Delay 16 reissue info.



>     Does anybody have an idea on how to contact Mike Matthews (the 
>     of Electro Harmonix)? I think i would be a good idea to interview 
>     about the EH 16 seconds digital delay and include it in the 
>     page.
>     Miguel
>___________________________ Separador de Resposta 
>Assunto: Re: Electro-Harmonix Delay 16
>Autor:  "Stephen P. Goodman" <sgoodman@earthlight.net> na internet
>Data:    24/10/1997 11:03
>G. Peterson <rainham@connection.com> asked:
>> Now that electro-harmonix has resurfaced (new sensor ltd.), and 
>> the Q-tron, I am wondering if they have any plans in the works to do 
>> same with the much coveted Delay 16?
>I've called them, and they say "next year" they will be producing a new 
>Delay 16 pedal.
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