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Re: Looper CD direction --> important

>This is the important part.  We have two options on how we wish to 
>  First, we can limit distribution to list members and burn CD-Rs as we go
>(if someone on the list is kind enough to offer their services) or we can
>get 500 to 1,000 CDs manufactured.  If we go with 500 CDs the cost will be
>approximately $1200 (2 color CD, 4 panel insert).  My preference is to shy
>away from the "homebrew" CD concept and do something that looks (and
>sounds) professional.
>As mentioned earlier, we can sell the CDs from the Looper's Delight web
>page.  I would like to see some of the profit go to Kim to help defray the
>costs involved with keeping this thing up and running.  That being said,
>are people willing to pay approximately $100 to be involved with the CD?
>I was also thinking about approaching Alchemy Records and DGM for possible
>distribution of the project beyond our looping realm.  If we decide to go
>this route we will need to make sure the quality of the project is
>Any thoughts?

If we're going to dive in and do it the slick way, I'm in.  I'd pay $100 
or so to get on and get some CD's.  
If it's going to be a CD-R thing, I'm not interested.