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Re: Looper CD direction --> important

Matt McCabe wrote:

> I was also thinking about approaching Alchemy Records and DGM for 
> distribution of the project beyond our looping realm.  If we decide to go
> this route we will need to make sure the quality of the project is
> top-notch.

I have doubts about DGM being a viable candidate for this.  As far as I
can tell, the label is set up just about entirely for Robert Fripp and
his direct musical acquaintances; everyone on the label has some sort of
King Crimson/Guitar Craft affiliation.  I sent e-mail to the DGM address
about a year or two ago to seek permission to send a demo tape, and
never recived a reply.  E-mails I exchanged with both Bill Forth (or Ten
Seconds) and Mark Perry (the former head of DGM's American distributor,
Possible Productions) seemed to confirm that the label's pretty much the
exclusive terrain of Fripp and company.

The other "problem" (actually more of an ideosyncrasy) with regards to
DGM is that Fripp has basically stated (or at least did once before in
an interview given during the formative period of DGM) that he doesn't
feel a need to advertise the label's roster, since there's an
already-established Fripp/Crimson fan base which he feels is active and
curious enough to seek out the label's wares of their own accord.  (Or
at least, he felt confident that the music would be heard since there
were people out there who would actively seek the label's releases
out).  I think it's fair to say that the audience for the DGM output is
very likely limited almost exclusively to King Crimson fans; I don't
think I've ever seen an ad for anything on DGM, come to think of it.

You should definitely try to contact them anyway, if only to see what
sort of reply you might get; my information may be outdated or
inaccurate.  But assuming that even some of the above is relevant, I
doubt that DGM would be a viable home for a Looper's Delight CD.

But check it out!  And good luck.