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Looper CD direction --> important

> From: ANET@aol.com

> Now in setting up your suggestions on the net,  I have been doing some
> investigative work on credit card orders via the net etc., as well as
> studying java etc. etc.  A simple web page is no problem, but adding the
> commercial end of it will take some dinero to get it started.  In fact,
> seems to be a lot of plug and play apps that would allow website visitors
> put stuff into their shoping cart,  credit card validators and even the
> concept of a 1-900 number which could offer other services that would be
> automatically charged to a customer's phone account.

All this really depends on what direction the contributors want to take. 
Which is something that needs to be decided soon I think.  Many people have
already emailed me about getting involved.  As far as credit card orders
and 800 numbers, my company is already set-up to do this.
> There will need to be project manager as well who sets up timelines and
> deliverables
> as well.  This person would be the cheif overseer and whip-meister. 
> the first
> project died because there was no skin in the game.  

I believe that is me.  I volunteered to help get the old CD project
happening again but...well....you know the story there.  Anyway, it seemed
that there was enough interest in the concept to start working on the 2nd
CD.  So here we are.

> What if there was an up
> front
> charge of $50 - $100 for music submissions?  Or an initial group of
> to get it off the ground.  Say a $50 buy-in of which the first two or
> CDs are mailed to you free.  

This is the important part.  We have two options on how we wish to proceed.
  First, we can limit distribution to list members and burn CD-Rs as we go
(if someone on the list is kind enough to offer their services) or we can
get 500 to 1,000 CDs manufactured.  If we go with 500 CDs the cost will be
approximately $1200 (2 color CD, 4 panel insert).  My preference is to shy
away from the "homebrew" CD concept and do something that looks (and
sounds) professional.

As mentioned earlier, we can sell the CDs from the Looper's Delight web
page.  I would like to see some of the profit go to Kim to help defray the
costs involved with keeping this thing up and running.  That being said,
are people willing to pay approximately $100 to be involved with the CD?

I was also thinking about approaching Alchemy Records and DGM for possible
distribution of the project beyond our looping realm.  If we decide to go
this route we will need to make sure the quality of the project is

Any thoughts?