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Re: domain name stuff

At 7:47 AM -0500 12/1/97, ANET@aol.com wrote:
>If you would like to E-mail me and send me your address, I would like to
>contribute $50.00 to whatever effort you deem necessary.  By the way, I 
>like to challenge others to donate to Kim to continue this effort.  We 
>have a
>real jewel here.  Oh, by the way if any of you have not heard Michael 
>Loops,  take a little trip over to his Web site in Colonge, Germany,  He 
>some very nice guitar loops for demo.

This is a bit old; meant to reply but have been very busy! Anyway, thank
you very much for the offer, I really appreciate that. However, what you
could offer that would be a lot more helpful than the money would be some
of your time! The site operates by volunteerism, and it gets much better
when more people help out a little bit here and there. And these days, time
is the thing I have the least of, so I haven't been able to make many
interesting updates to the web site lately.

So take a look at the web site, see if there is any area that's lacking
where you might be able to add something, and hop right in! If you can't
think of anything, let me know because there are plenty of projects
floating around. If you don't know how to make web pages, don't worry about
it. There are people around who do know how that can help out. Web pages
are pretty easy anyway, so this might be a fine time to learn!

thanks again for the offer,


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