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Re: Artistic Merit

> From: Patrick Smith <patrick@his.com>

> Second:  Having recently read through all the posts concerning our
> listening habits, I'm a bit concerned about any individual or group
> the final say on submissions. Are we representing "Looping" as an
> form which may have "music" that some or perhaps all of us on this list
> not like? We are a diverse group and should aim to celebrate this in a
> collection of looping. If so, I think if a member has a submission of a
> piece on an appropriate recording medium( I assume DAT) that is of the
> necessary recording quality; and this member is willing to put up the
> ($100), then they should be in.

I understand your comments regarding a submission being rejected because
someone doesn't like it.  I would hope, and except, that members of the
screening panel would be open-minded enough to "okay" a submission that
didn't suit their musical tastes but is still good music.  I know that
personally, even though I might not particularly like a piece I music, I
can still recognize it as being good.

> Third: Having seen how long the first project has taken to come to
> fruition, I would like to propose making the payments of the ante in
> installments as progress is made on the project. Ray has not cashed my
> check and in no way appears to have been in it for the money. But I
> it may be prudent to proceed with caution. This would minimize hurt
> feelings, etc......

My feeling is that no money should be exchanged until the master DAT is
ready to be sent to the CD presser.

> Many thanks to Matt for volunteering to undertake this mission.

I think I must have been insane!! :-)