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Re: The 2nd CD project.

> From: ANET@aol.com

(our cyber minute keeper!!!)

> 2) Submission from subscibers to the project would cost $100 minimally.
> is chosen is decided via a public vote?  via listening to samples on a
> page?  Would all particpants be willing to take the time to listen to all
> the submissions and subjectively rate them?

I think the decision on how to screen submission should be made by everyone
is to be involved with the project.  

> 4) Songs should be sent in their complete form?  As opposed to doing
> multitrack
> work on the internet. 

All songs should be submitted on DAT.

> 10) We make so much money, we buy Micorsoft and force all computer
dealers to
> use Loopers delight samples for any sounds heard on a  PC.


> I see a Janurary starting date with all submissions to be complete by
>  Then a March 1st submission to the press and a 2nd week of March
delivery of
> the CD.  

Wow!  Realistically I think this timeline is a little aggressive.  Having
been involved with a number of CD projects already...believe me...there is
always some last minute "issue" that pushes back the timeline.  

>  Any others out there.  Are we on the right track?  Is Matt the new
> (My vote is yes).

Thanks for the vote.  What I'll be doing in the next couple of days is
compiling a list of everyone who has expressed interest in the project. 
Then I've code a quick web page detailing how I think the project should
proceed (including submission criteria, deadlines, calls for volunteers,
etc) and then everyone can hack it to shreds!!  Sound good?  

I'll coordinate with Kim to get the page linked to Looper's Delight.