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Re: double CD

How about if we just do a cd on some regular basis, like every 4-6 months
or something? Might make it easier to manage the project than trying to do
it all at once, and then there is not the pressure to get everyone in on
the first one. That would also allow for somewhat longer tracks. If someone
doesn't get on this one, there's always the next one. Then maybe we could
start doing themed versions after a while, and a "best of" which should
rocket up the charts....


At 9:48 AM -0800 12/2/97, Matt McCabe wrote:
>I just did a quick head count.  So far 29 people have indicated that they
>wish to be involved in the project.  A double CD release would give us 148
>minutes to work with or about 5 minutes each.

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