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Easy control

This is a little tip ,or somthing, it makes looping with a Jamman easier. 
 I'm not sure if anyone else out there hates the lexicon pedal but I
personaly think they just dont feel right. (hard to use without a pedal
board cause there lite, and the pedals are close together if you have big
feet) So about three years ago I tried somthing. The conection is just trs
so I took the dual sustain pedal from an electric piano (You know one of 
nice metal heavy squeezy on your foot one's) and tryed this I'll never go
back to using those three inch little factory boxes again. It realy take
your mind off finding the floor box and back to the playing. (ok maybe 
takeing it a little far but its a comfortable change in the right 
just thought I'd share.

Mike. :)