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Requested quote source,Mr.bungle,new vortex

I am very sorry that I did not respond any sooner...I was putting it off
because I wanted to devote extra attention to it...thank you for the 
regarding the classics + by the way My favorite song on the Mr.Bungle 
violante" is #8 that ma  meeshooka groove...excellent@ !! 

the book is called "the music lover's quotation book, A lyrical comanion"
compiled by Kathleen Kimball

I bought it at a stray bookstore at Jacksonville beach in Florida...
it is published by:::::Sound and Vision     Toronto

it is a Fantastic book.heres a few more from it::

"Most people think of music as an art.
But in reality music partakes of both art and science...
every time a printed score is brought to life 
it has to re-created through different sound machines
called music instruments"
Edgar Varese
"genius is talent in which character makes itself heard"
Ludwig Wittgenstein

"Creativity is harnessing universality and making it
flow through your eyes...
The greatest happiness in life is to be truely and consistently creative.
Peter Koestenbaum (who?)

" A nation creates music- the composer only arranges it."
Mikhail Glinka

Homer Simpson
ahh well  hope this helps....

thanks to the guys for alerting the new Vortexessssss(an "investment better
than stocks!")

I got the last one..H e took off $35 cause there was no manual
But never fear Loopers delight was here for me!
any Vortex(*!)+Jamman tips would be appreciated ;o)

see ya 
Reeve Martin