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Re: Looper CD

                Just a thought.

 Although I may not be able to contribute at this time. A fair way to 
cost per looper may be $'s per minute. If a run of 500 CD's cost $1200 and
the total run time per CD is approx. 70 min. each person would be charged
$17.00 per min.

        One reason for this is like most people on this list I "assume" 
most loop generated music tends be be of greater length then three minutes.

                        Anyway my two cents.



At 08:37 AM 12/2/97 -0800, you wrote:
>> From: Henry Throop <throop@bogart.Colorado.EDU>
>> o Submissions were limited to one per person, and mostly fixed at 3
>>   Everyone who sent in a tape ended up on the CD.  Most of the people
>>   on the disc ended up bought multiple copies, so there was no 
>>   'submission fee.'
>> o ~ 500 discs were pressed at first and sold for $15 each, to
>>   and through a music store one member runs.  I believe they're all sold
>>   out now.
>Who ended up paying for the CDs since no money was collected up front?