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quintuple CD


>How about if we just do a cd on some regular basis, like every 4-6 months
>or something? Might make it easier to manage the project than trying to do
>it all at once, and then there is not the pressure to get everyone in on
>the first one. That would also allow for somewhat longer tracks. If
>doesn't get on this one, there's always the next one. Then maybe we could
>start doing themed versions after a while, and a "best of" which should
>rocket up the charts....

sounds like a very good idea. By now so many people have expressed their
interest (some of them not happy with a 5-minute-limit) that not even a
double CD would be room enough.

I'd vote for a single CD with an average length of 5-6 minutes. (No problem
to me because many of the improvised tracks that I've done are 5-6 minutes
<g>). Let's just start with a first CD. If it works out ok, we can always
do a second and third one.

One other thing: If we want this to be a commercial success, how about
asking somebody famous (like Torn) to contribute a short clip. (cries of
disgust) Ok, ok, this is a stupid marketing trick, and of course we *are*
all fine enough musicians and our music can stand for itself ... it was
just an idea. What do you think? (I'm sure Torn would contribute one of his
cool loops which are only available on expensive CDROMs.)

Michael Peters   
HOP - Fractals in Motion ..."the only screen saver you'll ever want"