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2nd CD -- Themes and Costs

Just a few ideas on the idea of The Loopers-Delight CD Series.

1. Why not try to loosely follow themes for each CD?    For example:    
                        by nation or 
                        by instrument or 
                                by genre or 
                                by season

2. If multiple CD's are created (with themes or not) - maybe a common
look/logo may be useful to tie them together??

3. Don't forget mastering!  Depending on who does this and what
resources are available to them this may not be an issue - but without
some quality mastering to help level match and preserve frequencies.
I've been on a compilation CD and it's easy to become disappointed if
the mastering is done really poorly...  And good mastering is about $100
an hour.  For 70 minutes of programming count on at least 3-4 hours...


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        From:   pycraft@elec.gla.ac.uk [SMTP:pycraft@elec.gla.ac.uk]
        Sent:   Tuesday, December 02, 1997 2:41 PM
        To:     Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
        Subject:        Re: Re[2]: The 2nd CD project.

        >My estimates were based on a cost of $1200 for 500 CDs.  With
12 submitters
        >the cost per person is $100...which seemed reasonable and
do-able to me. 
        >That being said, we could cut a few corners, lower the cost and
the need
        >for 12 submitters, and hopefully keep the cost around $100
each.  For
        >instance, we could go with a 2 panel booklet instead of 4, b&w
instead of
        >color, etc.  

        If the average length of a CD is 72min (I know it's longer but
bear with
        me), this works out at $100 for 6 min (or 28c/sec!)...   I think
no track
        should exceed 10 minutes, just to stop one player dominating the

        >I'm sure we would all like to hear what everyone is up to BUT I
think some
        >of us would also like to have a project pay for itself
(marketable slick

        How about a "flagship" CD plus a "everyone together",
not-as-slick double
        TAPE (ie much cheaper) with everyone?  If everybody knew what
everyone else
        was doing, people would be more willing to form "cliques" of
music which
        would sit well together and do it themselves.  Hey!  Tape tree!