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Re: HI ALL! ,

In reply to the advise to get a PC instead of a Mac, I've got to laugh a
little.  As a former employee of a music store that sold both Mac and PC
software, I found the PC much, much harder to configure and use than the
Mac.  I must admit that on the low end of things there is more software
for the PC platform, but as a professional audio engineer (used to work
for Laurie Anderson) I have never seen any pro audio production done on a
PC.  ProTools for the Mac is still the standard as far as I can tell.
It's very pricey, but it is professional hardware/software, and that stuff
is always pricey.

Now for the fun part...Guess what?  WINDOWS SUCKS! (every version of it)
We use both at my current job, and it's unanimous: Macintosh operating
system version is far, far more stable and easy to use than Windows 95.
Another thing is that most better Macs come with very good 16bit sound
cards that let you record directly to your hard disk AS YOU ARE LISTENING
TO YOUR PREVIOUS SOUND TRACKS.  To do this on a PC you need extra audio
cards which drive the price of that cheep maching up.  When I bought my
Mac 2 years ago, I did a a/b price compair of Mac and name brand PC clones
(not crap) and came up with only a $300 difference, and that was when Macs
were much more expencive than they are now.  Well worth is for the ease of
use and reliability.

Pretty soon there will be a version of the Mac OS that will blow
everything away on the consumer market (Steve Jobs NextOS for the Mac)
When that hits I think things may change a lot, as they already have a
version that will run on intel pc machines.

Good luck with your decision.