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Re: Loop CD

Some new ideas, starting out from some old facts:

When I had the idea to do such a CD for the first time in '92, I had no
idea of Internet nor Oberheim... But I wanted to create a users group and
call it:

In '94 I suggested to the 100 clients of the LOOP delay to create such a
group and start it with a CD and got 4 very good submissions on DAT - which
was not enough to make the CD:
- Andre Cricula (AVALON nylon guitar) + Conny Summer (marimba)
- Kuno Wagner (Stick)
- Patrick Steinbach (guitars)
- Renato Rizzo (flamenco guitar)

Then the net came here and I learned what a mailing list is and I was
pleased that a LOOP GROOP happened in a very simple and alive way, much
better than I could have imagined.
The proposual of the CD came up quickly and I submitted a CD-R with about
12 pieces to Ray:
- the 4 submissions I got in '94,
- some of my sound with various partners
- some other music recorded with loops by people here that do not use
computers for comunication. (and most probably would not pay to 

I see three purposes of this action:

A - Exchange of ideas between loopists so we get to know each other better
and have a base to discuss methods and music and hopefully all can grow a

B - Help for musicians that cannot afford to produce a CD of their own, but
need one to get jobs...

C - Promotion of our music in the world so people get an idea what looping
may sound like, respect and contract musicians that do it. Isn't it
possible that some music magazine might dedicate and article and include
such CD?

D - Publicity for the equipment. Oberheim might be interested in offering
such a CD to their clients to show why they should buy such equippment
(like a prospect) and then how they could use it (like a manual)

For A, the samples on the site might be enough. So I think this is a valid
effort, even if never any CD will grow out of it. I had proposed to do CDR
for this purpose, but you did not like the idea and I must admit that if
100 send songs in, it takes at least 5 CDRs to put them on, and 150 want a
copy of all, that makes 750 CDRs to burn...
Maybe, Michals "tapeTree" idea is a good one, so we get better sound
quality, more music time, less net download time and people without audio
computer can participate, too.

For B, I think the list can be a helpfull meeting point, but there is no
need to "centralize" on the list. Such CDs could be done within groups of
members that find to have the same idea, level, style, taste, whatever and
discover a way to produce it. The samples on the site may help to form such
groups. There may be more time for each musician. Usually 3 minutes is not
enough, really.

For C, we need to achieve maximum musical and technical quality, otherwhise
it simply does not have the effect, or even a negative one.

C would be an option in the future. Once some work is ready, we can
negociate with Oberheim or Boomerang. It probably means that only pieces
recorded with the respective equippment are of interest.

I somehow liked the idea of separating styles, since we know that there
will be more submissions than space on one CD. Probably two CDs are not
much more expensive to produce than one doubble and it will be cheaper for
the buyer and easier to use for a certain public, select a cover that fits
the style, find work in a certain place...

So the "2nd CD project" will not include what happened so far?
Will I have to submit a new CD to participate? Nevermind...

Often, musicians take a long time to get their piece together, so we could
also start the CD simply with the ones that send in first, see how it goes
and head for another one.