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Macs for Music ,

> -----Original Message-----
> From: ZeplinSoup@aol.com [SMTP:ZeplinSoup@aol.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 10:56 AM
> To:   John_Ott@ATK.COM
> Subject:      Re: HI ALL!                       ,
> m,
> I would recommend a PC as hardware/software innovations
> are more frequently made available to a lesser price and greater
> frequency.Actaully MAcs are great,probally even better than PC perhaps
> but
> they are harder to upgrade and with only 4-5% market share new
> developers
> are concentratin on PCs (duh).
> How would it help if you could actually USE the new goodies,
> for example programs like Reality, or whatever because your hardware
> is
> compatable.Actaully you never even worry about compatability with a
> PC..with
> direct x now  standard for audio software pulg-ins (the cool stuff)
> and there
> are many companies tripping over themselves now developing for
> that...with a
> Mac there is no standard!hence high prices and less you can use with
> everything...hope this helps
> Reeve
        <<end quote<<

        I would have to strongly disagree.  It may be true that there
are more 
        things available for the PC.  But that is for office automation
type applications.

        On the creative side Mac's perform better and have a strong
market presence 
        in those markets.  Deck II (Hd recording software) from
Macromedia is only
        available for the Mac. Mark of the Unicorn has Five or six
software packages
        for the Mac and only two or three for the PC.  Many others
develop only for both
        PC and Mac.  Fewer are PC only.     I could go on but will just 
        mention some Mac software I use and like.  

        Deck II:

         Macromedia's Multitrack Hard disk recording software for
PowerPC.  Needs no other hardware but will work with Audio interface and
A/D cards from Korg, Digidesign and  others.  This was originally
developed for Digidesign for use with their Audiomedia Cards but OSC
(bought by Macromedia) figured it would work
        with AV Macs.  it did. Will work with  Quadra 840av, Quadra
660av or any
        PowerMac or clone with built in A/D.


        Mark of the Unicorn's trackless sequencing and scoring software.
Can do loops!
        Will work with MIDI keyboards and synthesizers or with Quicktime
Musical Instruments for playback on the Mac.  I like to compose at the
Keyboard and
        let Freesytle capture my playing.  I can then go back and edit
the Midi 
        data and let Freesytle produce the score.   


        Mark of the Unicorn's Editor/Librain for storing programs and
        information for MIDI keyboards. 


        Allows for import of CD tracks,  also some simple recording
(Deck is better for this)


        Free Tools for developing Music on Web pages.  I haven't used
this much yet.  Others
        on this list have and like it.  It is available for PC also.