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The 2nd CD project - Me Too! Me Too!

ANET@aol.com wrote:
> 3) A producer/project-manager would be appointed to "ride-heard".  The
> producer would solict submissions, weed them out and or put them up for a
> vote.  Contact and keep track of all the participants.  Start time-lines 
> project dates and report back to the group.  Mix down the final cuts for
> consistant sound quality on the CD, make contact with the submittors to
> refine any flaws etc. etc.  Contact the CD press and submit the DATs for
> press.  A cover would need to be designed as well. In short the producer 
> do just about all the work.

Please count me in on this list. I have had sporadic talks with Matt on
this. I have loops to submit, and access to the technology to help in
all aspects of the project. If people would like, I have acess to one of
Hollywoods best studios for mixing (and would be happy to mix them
myself) sequencing, and premastering. Almost no format too arcane. I
also have a friend in Oregon who has a great mastering facility with
rockin' package discounts for me on CD's.

> Looks like there are about 9 solid respondants to this proposal so far.
> 1)Kim, of course (you do play with these things you build don't you)
> 2)Matt Mcabe who has volunteered as the Producer
> 3)Michael Peters in Colonge, Germany who has some very nice samples set 
> 4)John Peters, Rochester, Minnesota  Acoustic guitarist (27yrs)
> 5)Randy Jones down there in Tejas 30 yr. guitarist
> 6)Stefano in Italy.
> 7)Mike Biffle
> 8)Travis Harnett
> 9)Siobhan Canty
> Please forgive me if I misspelled anyone's name.  Looks like a good mix.

Keep me in mind -

Eric R. Fischer
Recording Engineer/Looper
Los Angeles,Ca