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The 2nd CD project.

Well it certainly looks like the project is on its way.  What is the 

1) A 2nd attempt to cut a loopers-delight CD.  This CD will be of 
by those that visit this site and it will be of high quality.  

2) Submission from subscibers to the project would cost $100 minimally. Who
is chosen is decided via a public vote?  via listening to samples on a web
page?  Would all particpants be willing to take the time to listen to all 
the submissions and subjectively rate them?

3) A producer/project-manager would be appointed to "ride-heard".  The
producer would solict submissions, weed them out and or put them up for a
vote.  Contact and keep track of all the participants.  Start time-lines on
project dates and report back to the group.  Mix down the final cuts for
consistant sound quality on the CD, make contact with the submittors to
refine any flaws etc. etc.  Contact the CD press and submit the DATs for
press.  A cover would need to be designed as well. In short the producer 
do just about all the work.

4) Songs should be sent in their complete form?  As opposed to doing
work on the internet. 

5) The Looper's-Delight webpage receives a stipend for the project.

6) The contributors to the project split the CDs minus any skimming for the
Web page or Producer's efforts. 

7) The reception of the CD to the public is reported back.

8) If good, then Phase 2 kicks in which would be to start an Internet
approach and or to contact a record company.

9) Mass production of all subsequent 40 volumes of the Loopers-Delight CDs 
the entire world.

10) We make so much money, we buy Micorsoft and force all computer dealers 
use Loopers delight samples for any sounds heard on a  PC.

I see a Janurary starting date with all submissions to be complete by Feb.
 Then a March 1st submission to the press and a 2nd week of March delivery 
the CD.  

Looks like there are about 9 solid respondants to this proposal so far.
1)Kim, of course (you do play with these things you build don't you)
2)Matt Mcabe who has volunteered as the Producer
3)Michael Peters in Colonge, Germany who has some very nice samples set up.
4)John Peters, Rochester, Minnesota  Acoustic guitarist (27yrs)
5)Randy Jones down there in Tejas 30 yr. guitarist
6)Stefano in Italy.
7)Mike Biffle
8)Travis Harnett
9)Siobhan Canty
Please forgive me if I misspelled anyone's name.  Looks like a good mix.

 Any others out there.  Are we on the right track?  Is Matt the new 
(My vote is yes).