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Re: Vortex w/ headphones

>This was the first time I'd head the Vortex in stereo. Wow! (Yes, I
>remember our discussions of how the Jamman loops in mono but it passes
>stereo signals through intact...)
>I want to emphatically second Travis' suggestion that the cat trying to
>figure out his new Vortex get some good stereo phones.
>A lot of patchs that sounded like "chorusy echo" or "echoey chorus" before
>make a lot more sense and the power of the echo settings is a lot clearer.

I always recommend the Vortex to people who are looking for nifty
spatialization of a mono signal.  Right now I follow my Echoplex with the
Vortex ("Tex my Plex"--thank you Sean E.), but wish I had my second "tex"
back to warp the guitar signal on the front end.  But yeah, the Vortex
lives in serious stereo territory, to my ears....