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Re: Loop Length

>no, multiply in real time is unique to the echoplex. You could do it with
>hard disk recording, but nowhere near as easily. Once you try, it seems so
>completely natural and obvious. I don't think I could live without a
>feature like this, and neither could Matthias, obviously!

It was the main reason to start designing a dedicated looper. I proposed
the feature to t.c. for the 2290 and they thought it only served for some
crazy "new agers".
Then I built the feature into the PCM42 and was satisfied for a while (yes,
with rounding, completely on HW logic! The unit still exists, but it gave a
long squeek and died pretty exactly when the LOOP delay prototype started
But when the need to sync to a second loop musician and the idea of Undo
came, I had to do it right...