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Re: Vortex w/ headphones

re: vortex: A lot of patchs that sounded like "chorusy echo" or "echoey
chorus" before
> make a lot more sense and the power of the echo settings is a lot
> Polyrhythmic echo settings that sounded like a blur kick ass when one
> rhythm is on one side & one on the other.
> Now I've got to figure out a way to go stereo on gigs..... of my own. How
many of y'all do stereo live? and
> how?

just started going stero again - for me it's

guitar > ADA MP1 preamp (stereo) > VORTEX (stereo)> Quadraverb (stereo)> 

LEFT output into amp 1, >RIGHT output into digitech Time machine then into
Amp 2.

the vortex stuff sound great, i have a stereo vol pedal between the pre amp
and the VORtex

(still awesome,  12AX7 tube for great overdreive, etc)

experiment!!! do whatever, then put the vortex last, and simply connect to
2 amps or a stereo amp