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Michael Hedges

Not exactly about looping, but I heard yesterday that Michael Hedges was
killed in a car accident a few days ago and thought some of you might want
to know. Tragic....he was only 43. His music had a big influence upon me
once upon a time; caused me to see my instrument as filled with
possibilities I had never imagined before. I never did see him play
live.....and I never had and idea how he played most of the stuff he did.
It seemed very technically difficult, but it never stopped being great
music. If you've got one of his albums, pull it out and give it a listen.
I've got _Live on the Double Planet_ on now.....


                                 Windham Hill Artist Michael Hedges
                                 Killed in Auto Accident 09:04 a.m.
                                 Dec 04, 1997 Eastern

                                 BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.--(ENTERTAINMENT
                                 WIRE)--Dec. 4, 1997-- Windham Hill
                                 Records' solo guitarist Michael
                                 Hedges was killed at age 43 in an
                                 automobile accident over the weekend.

                                 The car was found yesterday by
                                 authorities off Highway 128 near the
                                 town of Boonville, Calif., outside of
                                 Mendocino, Calif. The accident is
                                 currently under investigation.

                                 Hedges was born in Sacramento, Calif.
                                 and grew up in Oklahoma. He last
                                 resided in Mendocino. He is survived
                                 by his mother, Ruth Ipsen, of Fresno,
                                 Calif., a sister, Carol Hedges of San
                                 Francisco, two brothers, Craig Hedges
                                 of Los Angeles and Brendan Hedges of
                                 Madera, Calif., and two sons, Mischa,
                                 11, and Jasper, 13 of Mendocino.

                                 Respected worldwide for his
                                 pioneering solo guitar technique,
                                 Hedges joined the label in 1980,
                                 releasing his first record,
                                 "Breakfast in the Fields," in 1981.
                                 Subsequent releases included the
                                 Grammy-nominated "Aerial Boundaries"
                                 (1984), "Taproot" (also nominated for
                                 a Grammy in 1990) and Oracle (1996).
                                 His final recording, an acoustic
                                 composition titled "Java Man," will
                                 appear on an upcoming Windham Hill
                                 compilation titled "The Sounds of
                                 Wood & Steel" on Jan. 27, 1998.

                                 The family requests that donations be
                                 sent directly to "Children of Michael
                                 Hedges," c/o Bank of America, 228 N.
                                 Main Street, Ft. Bragg, Calif. 95437
                                 (See also:

                                 Copyright 1997, Business Wire

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