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Vortex w/ headphones

Recently, my neighbors politely asked me to restrain my explorations of
sound. It probably had something to do with my recent acquisition of a
Whammy pedal, the expansion of my guitar's range by 2 octaves in each
direction, and my newfound ability to annoy dogs and vibrate walls.
So, I have been working with headphones for the last couple of days.
First, I plugged them into the headphone jack of my amp, but I worried
that running the amp without a speaker cabinet plugged in would do it no
good. Last night, I tried plugging the phones into the appropriate output
of my jamman (my setup: guitar>whammy>volume pedal>Rat>Vortex>Jamman).
Hot damn!
This was the first time I'd head the Vortex in stereo. Wow! (Yes, I
remember our discussions of how the Jamman loops in mono but it passes
stereo signals through intact...)
I want to emphatically second Travis' suggestion that the cat trying to
figure out his new Vortex get some good stereo phones. 
A lot of patchs that sounded like "chorusy echo" or "echoey chorus" before
make a lot more sense and the power of the echo settings is a lot clearer.
Polyrhythmic echo settings that sounded like a blur kick ass when one
rhythm is on one side & one on the other.
Now I've got to figure out a way to go stereo on gigs. It appears that
most small clubs do not run stereo PAs, or don't use the stereo capability
of the ones they have. I suppose the only solution is to get a power amp
and a couple of cabinets of my own. How many of y'all do stereo live? and