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Looper CD

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Michael Peters wrote:

> > are people willing to pay approximately $100 to be involved with the 
> >we will need to make sure the quality of the project is top-notch.
> Agreed, but what *is* top-notch, and who decides which tracks to put on 
> CD, and which to omit? 
> Method 1: We put somebody in charge for the project, and he/she decides. 
> a small panel of loopers. 
> Method 2: If we set up a project webpage for the CD, we could put 
> samples of each track on the page, and decide democratically. This would
> mean even more work, but it would probably feel better to everyone
> involved. 

 Count me in for the Looper's CD along with the $100.00 to get it done. 
There is a very good article on doing a project like this (CD over the
internet) in the latest Keyboard magazine - Janurary 1998. The article
describes the internet compilation CD "Giant Tracks." It ended up being
completed in a very professional way, many people contributed their
talents and they did the web site thing with samples of each tune. There
is included a breakdown of costs and they actually sold enough CD's to
make a little profit.  Anyways I'll check to see if this article is on the
Keyboard mag web site. 
  Doug Michael