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RE: Loop Length

Interesting question!

I have also found my phrasing naturally starts loops of about 7-15
seconds generally.   

However, I also purposely start loops of 20-60 seconds just to really
create some space.  On the other extreme, I play a game to see how short
is the shortest loop I can build from - Multiplying these "micro-loops"
can be quite interesting.

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        From:   Mike.Biffle@wj.com [SMTP:Mike.Biffle@wj.com]
        Sent:   Friday, December 05, 1997 1:29 PM
        To:     'Loopers Delight'; Mike.Biffle@wj.com;
        Subject:        Re: Loop Length

             I usually end up with something in the 4 bar / 16 beat
range. That is 
             probably around the same 7-12 second range you state.
             When I'm in delay mode is where I really get into longer
time values. 
             BTW, I'm a 32 sec JamMan user.

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        Subject: Loop Length
        Author:  Mark@asisoftware.com (Mark Kata) at INTERNET
        Date:    12/5/97 1:11 PM

        This may sound like a silly question since the trend is toward
longer looping
        times, but what is your favorite length of loop?

        I usually gravitate toward an 8-10 second loop, however, there
are times when I
        can barely make due with the 32 seconds provided by my Jamman.

        Occasionally, I find extremely short loops (under 500
milliseconds) to be fun,

        Mark Kata