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Re: Michael Hedges

Thanks, Kim..

i had  the sad, yet impossible now to forget , experience of seeing
Micheal's last show, last sunday night at the club bene in sayreville nj...
he played an amazing show, having seen him 6-8 times over the last dozen or
so years.

i remember marveling still at him devasting technique, which he delivered
with total ease and calm..cracking jokes between every few songs. he also
goofed around, using a manikin's head as a holder for his headphone mic..
and bouncing around on a kid's giant play ball.

he would take a set break, do yoga, and come back energized and kickin'

i'll never forget this show, i'm gonna write the whole experience down one
day, esp. the cool converstaion i had with him and other fans post show. he
would always come out and rap, sign , just hang out with fans/friends..

please check out his music if you never has. he was the human loop machine.