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Re: IMPORTANT: Looper CD final word and contracts

Hi John-

first, would you mind trying to quote the things you are replying to?
sometimes I have a hard time figuring it out since I deal with pretty large
amounts of email....

At 10:01 AM -0500 12/6/97, ANET wrote:
>I'm not a business major, but basically there are different types of 
>partnerships.  One is known as an S-Corp.  where people get together and 
>some papers which state they are now in business as whatever.  It 
>requires a
>at the state level and identifies the people and assumed business name.  
>tax ids and other stuff is required.

Sadly, I've had to learn far more about these things than I ever imagined!
S-corp would be far to complicated for a simple cd project. Just a general
partnership is all that's needed. That way, all income just passes through
to the partners and they have to deal with taxes on their own. Easier for
international issues as well. much simpler as a whole.

thanks for the input....hopefully the folks involved in the cd project are
paying some attention to these business aspects? Be good to keep things on
the legit side.....I'd help with it more but I'm just too busy right now.
So I'll just toss an occasional comment from the sidelines.....


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