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Idea about the Looper CD from LoOpDoctOrs

Hi Loopers:

We have been out of the country but now that we are back, we are thrilled 
the idea of a compilation CD...
Looopers Delight is one intriguing bunch!

Here's an idea.  Why not ask David Torn, or Robert Fripp or Eno or others 
"reputations" in this quirky field to be EDITORS of each CD...not 
of tracks...but editors of the compilation. 

This idea is modeled on the way that books like "The Best American Shorty
Stories for 19..." are produced.  In that series a famous artist/writer is
asked to edit (select and organize) a compilation of stories for each 
For instance Joyce Carol Oates edited the collection one year, making her
selection for the volume.  

Of course there would have to be a pre-selected pool of loops but we could
take care of that ourselves and also make sure that people were fairly 
so that everyone gets his or her shot. 

Personally the LoOpDoctOrs are more intrigued by what and how David Torn or
Robert Fripp might select and edit onto the Loopers Delight CDs then 
hearing a
single contribution of theirs, which actually overshadows or dilutes the
creativity and originality that this group represents.  In short, we get 
brand name association, the creative input and taste of these interesting
pioneers, but in a quirky and different way.

What do you all think?

The LoOpDoctOrs