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[phiba-improv] Stick night @ LionFish Dec 13

Hi folks,

I'm not subscribed at the moment, so I hope this announcement makes it to
list distribution.  I'm excited about this gig because it's going to be a
great night for my looping group with fellow Stick player Paul Mimlitsch.
I hope some of you in the area can make it!  Please contact me directly at
jspeer@haverford.com with quesitons or comments.

**Chapman Stick Night at the LionFish Cafe**
614 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia
Info & directions: 215/829-9103
Saturday, December 13, 1997
8:30 pm
Admission: $6

3 acts featuring 4 Chapman Stick players, large range of styles will be

INVASION OF TIME -- Double stick / looping group, performed at TAG this 
        Paul Mimlitsch: Stick & loops
        Jim Speer:      Stick, loops, MIDI
        Jody Janetta:   Percussion

GREG HOWARD -- From Charlottesville, VA, Greg is one of the leading solo
Stickists playing today.  Portions of his many fine recordings can be heard
almost daily as snippets between news items on National Public Radio, among
other places. Rare Philadelphia appearance.

THREE HOUR TOUR -- A new power rock trio, featuring the compositions and
arrangements of New Jersey Stick player, Ray Ashley.  An odd assortment of
cover tunes, from African mbira music to King Crimson.
        Ray Ashley:     Stick
        Joe D'Andrea:   Drums
        Helene Zisook:  Electric violin

An informational WWW page has been set up at: