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Re: Steve Morse and Looping

In message <6761270.348c45f9@aol.com>, ZeplinSoup <ZeplinSoup@aol.com>
>I saw deep purple in Atlanta on friday and as far as I could tell
>Steve had about 5 volume pedals that for the most part were either on or
>off.He would set the loop and then stomp on the volume pedal for the loop
>volume and then play over that.Actually with knowing what you can do with
>loops and live improv I was kinda dissappointed -sometimes,he doesnt 
>listen to what he is playing and plays these annoying pivot type licks 
>seem just "trown in",not reallly matching his phrasing..-even still he 
>is fantastic!.I commented to my friend that this kind of show will be not
>around much longer as Art will inevatibally 
>become "one" with music...that little loop segment cuold have been 
>dont think that he used a jamman just a long delay with feedback control.

I'm not a fan but I thought you might be interested in this little
snippet from a Morse interview in the Oct' 96 issue of Guitar Shop.

"I have a bunch of Ernie Ball volume pedals. There's this one section
when I play a little rhythm part and I alternate using either a modified
Lexicon PCM 42 with extra memory for the repeat hold or a JamMan. The
JamMan works great, as far as putting a loop in of any length. It
doesn't allow you to layer the loops as seamlessly from one to another
as a regular delay would."

Also he says he uses a PCM 41 for short delays and a GSP-21 preset for
long delays...

Hope that was of some interest... :)