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Re: Steve Morse and Looping

I saw deep purple in Atlanta on friday and as far as I could tell
Steve had about 5 volume pedals that for the most part were either on or
off.He would set the loop and then stomp on the volume pedal for the loop
volume and then play over that.Actually with knowing what you can do with
loops and live improv I was kinda dissappointed -sometimes,he doesnt really
listen to what he is playing and plays these annoying pivot type licks that
seem just "trown in",not reallly matching his phrasing..-even still he 
is fantastic!.I commented to my friend that this kind of show will be not
around much longer as Art will inevatibally 
become "one" with music...that little loop segment cuold have been cooler.I
dont think that he used a jamman just a long delay with feedback control.