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Re: Vortex For Sale

I got the Vortex last week.I've been so busy that I haven't had much
time to play with it. Have you got your Vortex going yet? If so, maybe
you can help me out. While running throught he presets I was not blown
away by what I heard. The booklet suggests that I would hear some
dramatic thigs on certaion patches , however, many are doing very little
at the moment. I attribute this to the fact that the presets can be
altered, and as it's a used unit, I imagine they have been changed. This
is my dilema: how do I get a good look at what this thing can do when
the basic effects that illustrate its scope have been altered? If your
presets are relatively intact I'd be interested in a run down of some
parameters. This is a tedious request, but even a few patches would be
Oh, how did your Jman surgery turn out?
And whats the new effect you've got like?