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Re[2]: Vortex w/ headphones

     My experience has been that most of the good gigs have soundpersons 
     who will gladly place a mic on each speaker, giving you at the very 
     least a summed mono mix. 
     Then along come the gig with a stereo PA. From the comments, I 
     the audience notices. Whether they know what to attribute the *good* 
     performance to is another story. I've gone out front and listened to 
     others play through my stereo rig in both situations and I 
     *definitely* notice!
     If there is a PA I would use it mono, stereo or otherwise. Bypassing 
     the PA is a great way to not be heard in the mix, or to have badly 
     muddled sound.

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Subject: Re: Vortex w/ headphones
Author:  buzzard@world.std.com (Sean T Barrett) at INTERNET
Date:    12/9/97 6:58 AM

>> Now I've got to figure out a way to go stereo on gigs.....
>>of my own. How many of y'all do stereo live? and how?
>just started going stero again - for me it's

Does anyone really know how well the audience can
here this?  How much of a difference does it make?

I guess, at least, if nothing else, the musician (you)
will hear it and perhaps be more inspired... but it
seems like a lot of trouble to go to if people can't
hear it.

Doesn't bypassing PA cause problems for the poor guy
trying to mix the band?  Or are you guys playing solo?