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Re[2]: Vortex w/ headphones

>Subject: Re: Vortex w/ headphones
>Author:  "T.W. Hartnett" <hartnett.t@apple.com> at INTERNET
>Date:    12/9/97 10:28 AM

>>Doesn't bypassing PA cause problems for the poor guy
>>trying to mix the band?  Or are you guys playing solo?

>My looping gigs are usually solo, or if not, with someone else who is 
>also packing their own amplification.  A lot of gigs are in 
>non-traditional spaces which don't have a PA (theatre lobbies, 
>coffeehouses, building foyers).  The places that have PA's are usually 
>pleased that they don't have to hassle with it, once I explain that I 
     >understand the idea of appropriate, comfortable volume.
     >Travis Hartnett
     At gigs with ensembles, I've been using two monitor wedges for years 
     w/1 12" Celestions in each. No speakers at the rear of the stage. I 
     usually get a *real* monitor between my stereo guitar monitor cabs.
     Sound guys have been unanimously pleased that they can mix me without 
     having to fight with my cabinet volume onstage. They're ecstatic 
     usually. The bonus for me is the incredible sweet spot at my stage 
     location. I hear myself great, get great feedback without turning 
     around, and don't blast the hair off of the rest of the band members 
     heads! When I ran a back line of speakers, I liked it pretty loud.
      Now that I've gone full range, I will now just hand them my two XLR 
     outputs from my Mackie 1202VLZ. I'm pretty sure they'll be *real* 
     happy with that as well. 
     I'm also planning on adding a pair of Garwood in-ear monitors as my 
     monitor method, which removes all speakers from the stage area which 
     completely eliminates microphone bleed. My acoustic guitar will 
     probably never feed back again. I'll also get a perfect mix at the 
     exact volume I desire.