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Re: Mixer Use

Leonardo Cavallo <LEO@DINONET.IT> exuded:
>I'd like to know what kind of mixer's use you make in your looping setup.
>Regarding effect too.
>I could take a little mixer for nothing and I'd like to know more about it
>in a loop context.

Hi Leo!  I use a Very Low Cost Yamaha 6-in, 2-out, 1-effects in/out mixer 
the front end for my entire looping process.  I hook up the loop - a
Digitech 7.6 unit - via the effects send/receive, which lets me drop sounds
into it from more than one source, selectively.  Frankly I'd rather have a
2-effects, 8-in 4-out mixer, but hey!  It works.

It's used in the setup presently utilized in producing the work at my web
site (and on my new cassette!).

Stephen Goodman           * http://www.earthlight.net/Studios
EarthLight Productions     * Get the Loop Of The Week Free!